Cold to Gold Newsletter

Cold to Gold Newsletter

Accelerate your sales outreach by converting your leads from ice cold to 24-karat gold.


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“I have been in sales for 22 years and I’ve never seen such valuable newsletter specially in B2B sales.”

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“I’ve got some great results last week. Getting about 5-8 free strategy calls per day all of last week.”

Matt M.CEO

“This newsletter is for Sales Professionals who want to take their sales to the next level.”

Bambi W.Sales Manager

“I’m 6ish months in my Sales career and have only followed what you have said. I’m hitting 10%ish reply rates and some of my friends are dumbfounded how I am doing it! Only up from here :) Thanks Patrick!”

Daniel MolloySDR

“I tried this strategy last week, it works great! Thank you for such an amazing newsletter.”

Carlos A.Senior Business Developer

“I was blessed to be able to find this newsletter and work hands-on with Patrick for two weeks and am now getting some crazy results!”

Seth D.Head of Sales

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