Video #171: Fixing Low Cold Email Conversions

This Cold Email Strategy Got 1 in 68.5 Leads Interested [Copy this]

“There’s nothing more sales can’t cure”

I've personally worked with 100s of Founders, Sales pros, and growth marketers.

Here's where I've found:

Email Deliverability → easy.
Setting up campaigns → easy.
Getting results → hard.

So what are the ‘deep down’ issues that cause so many to fail?

  1. Lead Dumping: Casting a wide net, dumping loads of prospects into single email sequences without any strategic approach. This results in low engagement and makes it nearly impossible to identify what’s working and what’s not.

  2. Low Conversion Rates: Without a structured and tested approach, cold emails often get ignored. Businesses struggle with crafting messages that resonate and compel prospects to respond, leading to disappointing conversion rates.

  3. Ineffective Testing: If it’s not a test, it’s a guess, yet many businesses lack an effective strategy, but you’re letting potential leads to slip through the cracks, resulting in missed opportunities and lost sales.

  4. Copywriting Scripts: There’s a million frameworks out there, but many people are trying to use chatgpt to write cold emails, which isn’t a good idea, without know what actually works.

The Solution?

How about a step-by-step guide that not only shows you how to write cold emails that work but also how to use AB testing to continuously improve your results? That’s exactly what I cover in my latest training video.

In this video, I walk you through my 3-step process to launch winning B2B lead generation strategies, tactics, and ideas that can 10x your bookings. By following these strategies, you’ll:

  • Generate high-quality leads consistently.

  • Increase your sales pipeline and close more deals.

  • Become more efficient and effective in your cold email efforts.

  • Build a sustainable lead generation system for long-term growth.

Don’t let your cold email efforts go to waste. Watch this training and transform your lead generation strategy today.


Patrick Spielmann

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