#26 New Path to Outbound Domination

Revealing the secret used by the top 1% of salespeople.

“There’s nothing more sales can’t cure”

I'm in a few top-secret sales groups where only the world's top-performing salespeople and entrepreneurs gather.

A few weeks ago, they shared something crazy that blew my mind.

And I bet it'll blow yours too.

So if you want to dominate the outbound game in 2024.

Pay close attention to every word I'm writing here.

Here's why:

No one else is doing what I'm about to share.

Only a handful of people on this planet are applying these strategies and dominating the outbound game.

So, are you ready to dive into those top-secret strategies?

Let's jump in.

But first...

Let me make one thing clear.

These people are different from any other salespeople or entrepreneurs because they don't do what average people do.

No, my friend.

Not at all.

If they did what an average salesperson or entrepreneur does, they'd also remain average.

Here's an example of the average salesperson or entrepreneur:

They launch new cold email campaigns, send more and more emails, and keep chasing new prospects.

These top 1% performers do those things too, but there's one difference...

They never burn a single prospect on their list.

Here's what I mean:

Most people give up on a prospect when they receive an out-of-office reply.

But these top performers think differently.

When they receive an out-of-office reply, they note why that prospect is away and schedule a task to reach out to this prospect in a personalized way later.

This approach increases their chances of getting a reply and turning them into an interested prospect.

Are you following what I'm saying?

Let me break it down in three lines:

Let's say you received an out-of-office reply saying something like this:

"Hey, I'm on vacation with my family in Mexico. I'll return on May 20, 2024. If it's urgent, contact my associate at bob at xyz.com or call me at (669) 500-1243."

Most people would give up on these prospects.

But you have their phone number and know what they're up to, making them easier to convert.

Now imagine how many out-of-office responses you miss every day or week.

That's just one tactic.

There are two more things these top 1% performers do.

Number 2:


The prospect replies, "Hey, we just invested in a solution similar to yours with a quarterly contract, so we can't do anything at the moment. Feel free to reach out to me after three months, and we can discuss it."

Most people leave this hot prospect and keep chasing new ones, forgetting to nurture and follow up with these interested leads.

Come on, man!

You've already invested a lot of time building the lead lists, writing emails, and launching the campaigns.

And now you're going to throw in the towel because they said to contact them after three months or even a year?

Have you ever heard of a thing called 'Patience'?

Sales is exactly that.

It's a game of patience.

I admit it's hard.

But my friend, you're running a business.

This is not child's play.

It's serious.

You have to do things that nobody else is doing.

To succeed, you must climb the mountain, cross the river, and slay the dragon.

People have made hard work feel like nothing.

Everyone wants instant gratification.

If you don't have patience and can't delay gratification, that's okay.

But you can't be in the top 1%.

I'm sorry.

Because the next thing I'm talking about is becoming extinct…

Just because people don't have the guts anymore.

They're scared even to show their face on a Zoom call.

And still, they want to close high-ticket deals.

What a joke!

Let's go back to before email was a thing.

How did people build businesses then?

By calling or even sending letters.

It used to be hard.

And I know many people who built great businesses during that time.

But nowadays, most people don't even think about picking up the phone.

They don't call the people they met on a call who didn't respond to their emails.

This is where these top 1% performers separate themselves from the rest.

They know competition is fierce.

If they don't take action and call these hot prospects who are highly likely to convert, they'll lose their surefire way to seal a deal.

They take full advantage of every opportunity they generate.

They work the leads—it's their job.

Because they know no one else is responsible for their results.

They're the captain of their ship.

They must do whatever it takes to develop strategies that bring new deals into their pipeline.

And, that’s why…

They don't just stop there.

They work on other things like:

  • Asking for referrals from clients

  • Having a nurturing sequence for every stage in their deal pipeline

  • Calling inbound leads and booking meetings

  • Connecting with interested prospects on LinkedIn

These all look like a lot of work, but you must do them if you want to succeed.

That's why I came up with a brilliant idea to automate everything.

After learning about these small actions that can turn the tide for any sales team, I developed a revolutionary way to automate the entire sales process.

Because I love to work hard in a smart way.

No matter what stage your prospects are at in the pipeline…

You can automate 90% of the grind and still close deals like the top 1% performers.

We call it "Paths."

I explained the entire strategy in my recent webinar.

Check it out and see it’s full power with your own eyes.

Now, finally…

You can have a pipeline full of interested prospects and a sales process that will work the leads for you.

Click here to watch it if you want to automate your sales process.

That's it for today.

Patrick Spielmann

P.S. If you think what I shared today is bullshit, here's my question to you:

If you're teaching sales to your son, would you share these strategies with him and tell him to work hard to build trust with prospects?

Or would you tell him just to send cold emails and keep chasing new prospects every day?

P.P.S. Want our help with your outbound or inbound efforts?

Click here and book a call with us to see how we can help you.

P.P.P.S. If you missed the last newsletter where I shared how you are giving up in your life & outbound, you can read it here: “#25 Reviving A Dead Sales Channel”

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