#25 Reviving A Dead Sales Channel

This bald handsome guy booked 10 sales meetings in just 4 days.

“There’s nothing more sales can’t cure”

Today, I want to talk about reviving a seemingly dead sales channel that surprisingly booked 10 sales meetings in just four days.

Here’s exactly what happened:

Eric, the handsome guy in the picture, joined Uptics a week ago as a sales representative.

His only job?

Book meetings and close them.

And, I restricted him from using any cold emailing or LinkedIn outreach.

So, what options was he left with?

Direct mail?

Although it’s successful for some, it’s not ideal for us.


Definitely not.

What he turned to was cold calling.

The good old strategy that Jordan Belfort used to amass a fortune.

(You might recognize him from 'The Wolf of The Wall Street', portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio.)

Yes, the same cold calling that many now consider obsolete due to numerous laws and regulations…

…along with a general fear of the approach.

Despite these challenges, I tasked Eric to generate leads and book meetings on my calendar.

Here’s the twist:

He didn’t build a cold calling list.

Instead, he leveraged the leads we generated from paid ads.

He simply picked up the phone and connected with them.

Here’s what he said...

From those calls, he booked 10 meetings out of 20 attempts.

Not bad, huh?

The best part?

People recognized the "Uptics" name, were excited to talk, and didn’t hang up.

You might think, "Sure, Patrick, that works for you because your leads are warm from paid ads. They know you."

While that's partially true, here’s my perspective:

First, these leads weren’t expecting a call.

When they opted in as a lead with our lead magnet...

They didn’t anticipate a follow-up call.

Moreover, you can replicate this approach with cold outbound.

Imagine you cold emailed 1,000 people, and achieved a 60% open rate.

This means 600 people read your email.

Despite 10% unsubscribing...

You continue to send follow-ups to build recognition and trust.

Now, if you have a list of 500 people who've never replied but opened your emails.

Those are your hot leads.

Instead of giving up after your emails...

Add a cold calling sequence to engage these hot prospects.

People are less likely to initiate cold calls these days, giving you a unique opportunity to stand out.

I'm saying this because...

"Extraordinary results require extraordinary efforts."

If you’ve spent time building your list, sending emails, and following up, why waste those efforts?

Add a calling step, automate the process, and prepare to connect with the hottest leads.

If your current outbound or cold emailing software doesn’t have it, consider signing up for Uptics.

We can assist you in setting this up.

That’s it for this week.

Patrick Speilmann

P.S. Don't just watch opportunities pass by—grab them!

Every call you make, every email you send, sets you apart from the rest.

This is your chance to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

Let’s get those phones ringing and make your competitors wonder what your secret is!

P.P.S. Want our help with your outbound or inbound efforts?

Click here and book a call with us to see how we can help you.

P.P.P.S. If you missed the last newsletter where I shared how you are giving up in your life & outbound, you can read it here: #24 "I'm giving up on you"

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