#27 Geting prospects to take action

So you can get replies, meetings, and sales.

“There’s nothing more sales can’t cure”

I've coached 100s of businesses who struggle to get prospects to take action from their cold emails.

In this newsletter, I’ll show you how I help them convert 400-800% higher, without increasing volume.

First, there are 2 prerequisites you need to have dialed in that I've seen 1000s of companies screw up...

1. Email deliverability infrastructure (good deliverability)
2. Targeted and segmented lead lists (good data)

I know, I know.

You might be thinking…

“Give me a break, Patrick. again about that boring and simple email deliverability talk. Don’t you have something new?”

Well, there is and I will tell you more about it in the next newsletter.

But for now…

Let’s come back to what we were talking about!

Look, what I’m about to tell you might make you uncomfortable.

You are gonna think I’m so full of myself.

But, my friend…

If you can’t do simple things…

Then, how can you do the most advanced stuff?

Once that's handled there are 3 strategies that I've learned after 10+ years doing outbound:

👉 1. Just start over

Never fall in love with your own work.

I almost always see companies hang onto the past often saying:

"I've got an email sequence I think works pretty well"

That's great, but...

If it's not a test, it's a guess.

And the definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting a different result.

Or trying to use "volume" to overcompensate for lack of conversions.

So the first strategy here is:

“You need to be willing to change.”

If you can change, then keep reading 👇

👉 2. Stop selling your product/service

I'm sorry to report to you that most businesses do not have a 'sexy' offer.


You essentially have a "normal business" that hasn't recreated the wheel (totally fine btw).

However, the way you approach an email does not mean you need to sell the company as your offer.

So instead of thinking about your company as "the offer".

Think of what you can "offer them" right now that can add value.

Something quick.

That leads me to 👇

👉 3. Creating a Lead Magnet (ie...Bait & Hook - in a good way)

Now when I say "lead magnet" it's not what you think.

A lead magnet for outbound is something that entices them to reply.

A bad lead magnet is an ebook, white paper, even webinar to some extent.

A good lead magnet would be a personalized video, calculator, case study, or something you put "effort" into.

This is where you need to think creatively.

But the goal here is that it's an asset that we are using as "bait".

Yes, just like fishing.

When you use the right bait you catch the right fish.

So we need to dig deep into the tackle box on this one.

👉 Let me give you an example.

Uptics can write hyper-personalized emails based on prospects’ website data and even LinkedIn.

So a good lead magnet could be...

"I created 50 hyper-personalized intro lines for your top prospects, mind if I share them with you?"

🤔 Why does this work?

1. It's unique
2. We aren't pitching our company
3. We are putting in some elbow grease (prospects respect the hustle)
4. The prospect is getting value in exchange for a simple reply.

Yes, you'll actually have to do the work for the leads.

But the juice is worth the squeeze.

And that's how we get 400-800% increases in conversions, without increasing volume.

Post some ideas of lead magnets for your business and I'll give you some feedback 👇

"There's nothing more sales can't cure"

Till next week,

Patrick Spielmann

P.S. In the next newsletter, I will tell you about an old but effective way to generate hot prospects.

Most people don’t talk about it.

So, I’ll be pulling the curtain from it.

P.P.S. If you missed the last newsletter check it out: #26 New Path to Outbound Domination

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